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You made it! The Jazz band is playing and the seats are slowly filling. The bartender waits for your order and you see me wave you down to a circular table with your friends, the actors, the filmmakers, your fans! The stage is lit nearby and you watch as I step up to the mic…

“Hello fellow actors, filmmakers and fans of this crazy thing, this show biz thing. Welcome to a place that never closes and the stories flow to calm us down and stir us up again.”

“I can see your curiosity. I will begin the night with various stories and updates on acting and film, both in my life and the life of the film world around me.”

“This space is yours too though. You don’t have to be an artist of any sort to participate. Participation is entirely voluntary. Maybe you just want to stop by for a few ticks of the clock, see what’s new and head on out.  Perhaps you’re just itchin’ to speak up and guide those of us potentially going mad on our quest. Haha! Whatever the case, let’s make it classy and sophisticated with a genuine interest to entertain and educate one another with respect.”

“If you’re here to spoil the mood with Negative Nancy as your companion, you’ll have to decide if you’ll leave with her when she can’t stand the optimistic mood. Or will you stay and enjoy the hopeful flow of knowledge. Here you can express your creative woes much like the Jazz artist– with  real, sincere tones, shared with a willingness to accept the possibility that the sound of  your song may make someone’s day, simply because they relate, they share your feeling.”

“But hey! Enough of the sappy stuff right? We have Rooms for that…”

The Acting Room-

where you can read and talk about…you guessed it, anything involving actors.

The Film Room-

the space for film reviews, film updates, insights, jokes, concerns, so on and so on.

and The Life Room

Here you get to share my soapbox!  Only after I’m done with it of course. It gets a little personal in here so if you can’t handle the “deep” atmosphere…stay away.

You can peek at the Rooms from the Home floor and decide where you belong for your visit.

Thank you for coming…I hope you will enjoy the show.”

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