Gran Torino Better than Avatar!

Posted on March 3, 2010


Who says Gran Torino is better than Avatar?

In my previous post I raved on about Clint Eastwood winning the Cesar for Best Foreign Film in France.  Then it dawned on me that some people may not believe the news ! After all this sounds a bit to far fetched, with Avatar being all time grossing and all.  So I figured I show you the article where I got this interesting info from, ‘A Prophet’ tops Cesars.

So the French love Gran Torino. I did too, its so personal and takes on the issue of prejudice head on. Did you like it?

I see how Avatar handled cultural and ethnic issues much like Gran Torino. But Avatar is an epic and carries a high level of adaptability; a playground for reenactments.

In my search I ran into a hilarious blog post from Back Stage Blog Stage that supports my assumption.

Avatar is all time grossing because actors like myself and like these L.A.R.P (Live Avatar Role Playing) guys, can do a reenactments. Sure we could probably do a reenactment of the Gran Torino, but that seems so wrong. It’s difficult for me to think of a spoof because I respect Clint Eastwood too much.

So, my fellow actors have at it and if you can think of a Gran Torino reenactment that we could do that would make Clint Eastwood laugh, let me know…I’m done drawing brainstorming circles and diagrams in utter failure!

Fill me in please.

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