What Happened to Corey Haim and Brittany Murphy?

Posted on March 12, 2010


What is going on?

First is was Brittany Murphy, and now Cory Haim. Grant it these were two actors that lived in the spotlight at different times, but they sadly share this common factor: their deaths are closely linked to the use of prescription drugs.

I should be surprised, but I am not. I am sadden and forced to place my life into perspective. After all, I am 27, starting my career and Corey was 38 and Brittany 32.  They were well known, established actors, but like me, they were young. Yet, their life ended too soon.

Who am I to determine if it was too soon right?

I’ll tell you who I am. I am the actor that doesn’t believe in prescription drugs for one reason alone: THEY CAN KILL YOU AND ME LIKE IT DID THEM.  I have recently been enlighten to the reality of our health care system and it quite frankly is faulty and flawed. You cannot deny it either: IT SUCKS!

So maybe Corey’s Golden age was done. And perhaps Brittany was just beginning to blossom into a well recognized star, but that’s not what’s important. The truth, the sad truth is Corey’s mom had to watch him collapse and then rush to call for help. It was Brittany’s husband that had to make the dreadful call for emergency help! Why? Because of drugs that are supposed to help us?

Even Advil, take too many of those, and it’s a one way trip to a chess game with God.

I am honestly shaken by this and cannot help but want to yell at the pharmaceutical companies: Stop selling us lies! Stop sellings us death! And maybe I can’t do much because they are giants of the health care world….well if they are giants then call me David! And this is my stone:

“Actors, Filmmakers, artists, people of all walks of life. Start believing in things like preventive medicine, chiropractic care, maximized living, alternative medicine and holistic medicine. Research, educate yourself. Look up some of the options out there do deal with health issues without prescription drugs.”

Obviously it starts with a healthy lifestyle. Us Actors depend on healthy bodies to do our best work, filmmakers, and all artists, anyone interested in being truly alive, needs to look into living healthy.

Corey did not live healthy for quite a while and eventually it caught up with him. Maybe Brittany had to take medication, but I am skeptical about how many she had to take.

I don’t know about the rest of you, the least I can do is learn from this. I want to limit the amount of garbage, toxins that go into my body, so I am learning. I am working out as regularly as I can and eating healthier. I am going to a chiropractor at least three times a week. Most importantly, I am doing the Maximized Living makeover.

I am doing these things because I NEED TO! I need to stay healthy in order to give myself a winning chance in this career. After all, everyone in this business will agree, it takes time to succeed and so I hope to gain time by taking care of myself.

Lord knows I need time to master my greatest roles:  a Father and Husband.

Corey and Brittany, rest in peace.  May peace and healing soothe their mourning families.

Now tell me, in this poll how you ideally handle your everyday pain like a headache? What do these numbers say about our habits? Are you ready to see what most people do? Will people lean toward the quick fix? Can you guess what I chose? Write it in a comment. I’ll give you a clue: I’m avoiding popping pills!

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