Power Naps Empower the Artist

Posted on March 18, 2010


Some closing words on this day or maybe opening words, I am 37 minutes into Thursday now.

I’m going into my fourth day of working more than 10 hours per day. For some of you out there that might not even come close to your ridiculous schedules, but for this actor the struggle extends far beyond the physical. I’m reaching my wits end!

My psyche is at odds with the current of the world. Its hard to work creatively when I am consumed with staying awake and alert. Just think about the drive here in Orlando, FL; if my zoned out state carries onto the roads that’s trouble for me and those driving around me.

I am an artist, a writer, an actor… I need a sound and peacful mind to function. A healthy soul that connects to the world around me in order to express my reaction to it.

But with what time?

I may not be a working Actor just yet, but I am a family man that works as hard as he can, in every way possible. And this quite frankly stresses me out; right now I am spent!

So I found myself a healthy reminder i decided to share with all of you. I made some time to take a nap at work today during one of my breaks. And according to this blog, which I have gladly subscribed to, I did the essential thing to make it through this day.

Now the challenge to make this nap thing a habit…hmm? There’s the trick huh? All I need is at least 15 minutes right? Add this to a decent weekly workout and meditations and I should be in better shape in no time. My auditions should be better, my writing should flow with ease, my wife will forever be impressed with my composure and my parenting should be predominately holy right?

Oh man! That is so much easier said than done. But I must find peace in my efforts.

Well, while I attempt to apply this re-discovered knowledge, I invite you to read over the entire blog on stress management.  Everyone knows stress can kill not just creativity but also the creative person as well. So have it…READ THIS and if your smart subscribe to it, rememeber i did!

For now…good night everyone…time to close the Library and off home…to sleep.

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