What to do if you meet yourself?

Posted on April 26, 2010


I actually wrote this last week when it happened, but it still needed a touch up on the overall flow of the post. Hope you enjoy this strange yet delightful predicament:

Could there possibly be someone out there like me? A different version of you?

Well “What if ” is no more!

I met myself today! Not literally.

He was older, had a trimmed mustache with streaks of gray. He had glasses like me and greeted me with a smile, shook my hand, thanked me and wished me the best for my future plans.

Before today, I had to consider the importance of this bio hazard safety guru on a strictly digital basis. He had no face, no tangible figure. At first it was just me and his email messages. It seemed that within the walls of  the University of Central Florida indeed worked another Jose! I know its hard to believe since my name is so uncommon (sarcasm? yeah, you betcha!)

For the past three years I have been forwarding all the emails sent to “Bio Jose” because plenty of  his contacts couldn’t get the last name right.  Why not just delete email not addressed to me? Well because quite honestly his role is much more crucial than mine.  Authorizing CPR classes, checking the bio hazard status of various “things”, and only God knows what else…

I won’t try to specify the details of this gentleman’s job because I respect him enough to not try to guess what he does in detail. I am sure he deals with real issues everyday. The dealings with mold and other possible toxins in our premises barely scratch the surface of what he may face.

Me, I am “Library Jose” ( not for long perhaps).  My job is important too you know, checking out vital laptops and audio-visual items that our patrons need. My presence has purpose right? Well I certainly try.  I atleast make the whole experience entertaining, people remember the moment they check out a study room because I made them laugh in the process. Whether they were laughing at me or with me doesn’t matter.

When was the last time you found yourself enjoying the beginning of a monstrous paper or presentation? Well, I constantly make a fool of myself to make sure people have fun during the grueling initiation of the process. I can’t help it, day or night I’m an Actor! I entertain to ease and enlighten…hahaha!

So what to do if someone has your name at work? As unlikely as this may be, consider these three things, just for kicks:

1)First make sure they represent you better than you do yourself -if so make contact!

-Bio Jose is definitely more cool than me.  Saving buildings and air vents from microscopic invaders? Yeah! The guy basically saves lives; the subtle hero! He must constantly find himself involved with people; teaching and training and this most likely requires that he posses a selfless spirit. Basically he must be a people person! So I made it my business to get to know him. Valuable wisdom should never be overlooked!

2) Make time to forward him all the emails that made it into your inbox, regardless of your understanding of their importance.

-Because you never want to be held liable for keeping confidential information from its actual recipient. Especially if the lives of others are at stake!

3)Make friends with the guy- initiate conversation, you may gain a new fan!

-You know his name so address him with confidence. He may need you to keep track of things; he is now a potential reference for that future job. For instance when I say “good communicator” or “reliable resource” on my resume, something tells me if I mention “Bio Jose” as a reference, he will support my claim with a short tale of how I was his messenger, how I made sure all his potentially lost email was rescued at my finger tips.

Okay maybe he won’t use those words but he’ll at least vouch for my understanding of the importance of his mail making it to his inbox.

If for no other reason, take care of the guy, after all its like taking care of yourself.

Bio Jose did not have to take time from his busy day to stop by and visit little old me. But he did and that kind of integrity humbles me and requires I check myself–when was the last time I took the time to walk up to someone, out of my way to give them a gift, the gift of a compliment and well wishes. Hmm? Something to think about huh?

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