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Posted on November 30, 2010


A celebration has begun. The thick pile of writing material shakes from the jubilant ruckus.  It’s been so long since I’ve made time to share with you all my adventures and misadventures.  Those that know me personally may understand the dynamic of my life and perhaps welcome me with open arms but for those of you that met me here at the Actor’s Film Lounge and took even the slightest interest in my writing may wonder, “what happened?”

I presume justifying any kind of extensive “unexpected” leave begins like this:

I’m sorry, it’s complicated…but I’m back.

Here are five reasons why the Actor’s Film Lounge was left unattended:  I hope you can understand…

1) My desire to expand my blogging experience drove me away from here to other unsuccessful venues…

2) My family life consumed me when my wife got a full time job and I truly had to become Mr. Mom!

3) My acting career switched gears into the world of Theatre for Young Audiences and it kept my full attention when I wasn’t Mr. Mom

4) Information overload– the acting/film world kept it’s normal “never sleep” speed while I didn’t know where to hold to in order to keep up.

5) The goal to build my own website took precedence over blogging but life happened and the website remains unpublished.

And now here are five reasons why I’m back:

1) I have faith that the support and influence found in the WordPress community will help me rebuild the Actor’s Film Lounge

2) My ability to find resource from my life as a family man and as an actor can only fuel my writing if I actually write!

3) Blogging here will help me develop great habits so that when that website is finally up it will succeed by ripple effect.

4) My hope to impact others with my story is lost unless I actually tell my story as it unfolds!

5) My writing needs a place to offer itself as a possible means to other’s potential corporate or personal needs. Yep, this is the place to market myself…for now.

So… this is the Actor’s Film Lounge and the Actor is back or rather the “writer/Blogger”and I invite you to join me as writing resumes.

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