Recap on Acting in 2010

Posted on December 1, 2010


An Actor’s Bizarre daydream:

While there’s still thirty days until the end of 2010 I woke up to this epic “Back to the Future” scenario:


The wind rushes by, lighting strikes all around the clock tower. I rush to the trash can and reach for the newspaper. My eyes stumble upon the date and the John Williams score hits a crescendo! Alas, I read the headline:

December Arrives, Time for Seemingly Endless Questions…


AN INTERVIEW WITH A MAD SCIENTIST ENSUES, DOC YIYE, he’s the older, crazier version of me, just about 60years old and he holds a notepad and a pen in his hands, his wild silver hair reaches out in every direction, while I sit near a fire place, rain drops against the windows and I lay on a giant psychologist’s chair.

DOC YIYE SPEAKS…without taking a breath to stop, eyes open wide as he raises his right hand up high

“So how do you feel about your overall growth as an actor in 2010?”

“How did you improve your acting resume this year?”

“What are some of your favorite moments in 2010?”

“Who inspired you this year to aim to greater heights?”

“What skills will you develop to meet your goals next year?”

“Where will you continue to study?”

“What are your goals before 2010 ends?”

“What are your goals for 2011?”

I SIT UP AND INTERRUPT  without opening my eyes

“Can you please stop at eight, I can only answer one at a time!”

DOC YIYE squints his eyes and lowers his hand slowly, annoyed…

“Great Scott!”


As this involuntary anecdote proves, it’s my time to recap and reflect on my journey thus far.  I will begin with the first four questions.  Since, I suspect my answers will carry a lengthy exposition, part two of this Recap will appear soon.

I invite my fellow Actors to pick one or a few of these questions as they apply and answer them yourself. Maybe my epic imagery can help you in some way. If anything I am sure the more experienced actors will have wonderful success stories to encourage the rest of us still covering the first few years.

Here are my first four answers:

“So how do you feel about your overall growth as an actor in 2010?”

I feel accomplished.  My work and deep study at Art’s Sake gave me the confidence to finally utter the words “I am an Actor” with a sense of pride.

“How did you improve your acting resume this year?”

The year started out rough, missing castings and classes. The insightful voice of Lauren O’Quinn told me, “I know you will have a great year” and sure enough she was right!

It began with my Cash America Spot as a featured extra, then my son Matthew and I got cast as principals in the Marriage: Made for Life video.  The summer brought in a Western Union commercial that plays nationwide followed by a Winn Dixie Industrial video. The end of summer peaked with getting booked for a principal role in a Dicks’ Sporting Goods Commercial for the Jacksonville market. Not to mention that in between all this I dared to audition for a potential return to the Theatre.  And then just around the time that I was shooting the Dicks Sporting Goods commercial I received word from the Orlando Repertory theatre that I was cast in two shows for their 2010-2011 season! Junie B. in Jingle Bells, Batman Smells and in Anne Frank and Me.

Check out our Junie B. youtube video, see if you can find me in the background…See you at the Theatre!

“What are some of your favorite moments in 2010?”

First in class: I enjoyed working on my Sherlock Holmes series. Initially I lazily walked into the task only to discover the devotion my teacher, Yvonne Suhor, had for the character. She shook me up and enticed me to jump deep into a sprint of research and study the character made famous by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Not to mention famously brought back to the lime light by Robert Downey Jr. I can’t say I “rediscovered” a new approach to the role, but I definitely learned how to bring myself into this iconic role and it felt great! How about Dr. Watson, played by Jay Sevilla, and Irene Adler, played by Yeselie Rivera? They put their full skill into bringing Sherlock Holmes to life in a new light and I had a front row seat! Thanks again to both of them for sharing their amazing talent with me.

On set: Portraying a Florida Gators fan for the Dicks Sporting Goods commercial and working on two short films.

I definitely enjoyed the irony in portraying a loyal Florida Gator fan walking out of a Dick’s Sporting Goods store since I am not a fan! The laughs my family had while I told them the story made it memorable.

Working under the direction of Ayla Parsons, along side Lauren Maleski and Ashely Galloway in the short film, Foresight. In it I played a Marine while my little girl, Jemileen played my daughter.

Working under the direction of Brian Shepard in his short film, The Delivery, along side my very dear friend Surely Alvelo, which will be featured in the Collab Feature project, get more insight on that here:

(On stage)Playing a first grader finally gave my family a chance to see my work. Now my kids get a chance to see their Dad as a kid! Plus, I have the great opportunity to work with some truly fine theatre actors and directors.

“Who inspired you this year to aim for greater heights?”

My wife Jenny, her applause when all goes well and her hand that picks me up when I am down.  Her support ignited courage. She gives me the sense that there’s “Nothing to lose, so just play and do great things.”

My kids, Matthew, Jemileen and Joshua; they always know how to cheer me up and give me so much to work with.  They keep the kid in me safe and healthy, God Bless them always.

My mom, Pilar, you are my pillar and you never tire to hear my cries and whispers.  My sister, Paula, for her unwavering optimism and faith in the impossible. Guess who believed in my acting when no else did? (including me!) Her sense of humor, guess who laughed the hardest at my Florida Gator fan role! Ha!

Lauren O’Quinn, she made some strong statements to fuel me out of a pit. She has been a working actress for a number of years now and her words sparked serenity in my work, a sense of faith that if I did my part all would fall into place.

Yvonne Suhor, who consistently had me repeat: “I am provided for.” She consistently pushed me to bring in fully prepared work, take greater risks and make bolder choices.

All my classmates at Art’s Sake, like Daryn Kahn, Jay Sevilla, Surely Alvelo, Valerie Hinkle, Yeselie Rivera, Ayla Parsons, Ashely Galloway, Holly Payberg Torroija, Leander SuleimanJustin Smith, Lauren Maleski, David Meneses, Danielle Alagna, Derek Angel, Daniel Baldock, Clare Ghezzi, Jeremy Wood…just to name a few.

The full cast and crew of Junie B. in Jingle Bells, Batman Smells, it’s been a thrill every time we go live!

**this list goes on. These are just a few of the individuals that sparked a sense of urgency and resilience in me. Thank you for the drive and Godspeed!


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