Recap on Acting in 2010 Part 2

Posted on December 7, 2010


RECAP on ACTING in 2010 part TWO!

As you may recall this is the second part of  my Recap post.

I encourage you to reflect on these questions in order to get ahead of the whole “Resolution” mayhem. If you decide to get these things in focus today you’ll be well in stride by the time 2011 comes in.

If you read my previous post then you can recall one of my favorite moments of 2010. It’s captured in this picture of our Room One set of the Junie B. in Jingle Bells, Batman Smells at the Orlando Repertory Theatre. The show runs until Dec. 19th so come out and have some fun with us!


Some of these questions will undoubtedly have to be revised before the year ends but for now they serve the purpose of helping retrack and plan for a more efficient future.


“What skills/good habits will you develop to meet your goals next year?”

*Journal writing – for consistent and sincere self-awareness

*Audition Skills – for better casting sessions, focusing on improving my ability to bring “me” into the room.

*Time management – for making the most of my time in a single day.  Achieving balance will help me cover the most important things in a day without comprising the most important factor: Family.

*Social Media presence–  to improve my social marketing/networking skills. The  social marketing tool seems simple but if I can learn to utilize credible strategies I may go farther than I expect

*Financial Management– making an accurate budget and keeping it. This should help develop a confidence in crucial invesments like:



Writing Projects

Craft Development: i.e Acting and Writing workshops

*Do some work in Production/Crew – in order to fully contribute to the industry

*Cinematography and Post Production– for my potential to work behind the camera to increase ten fold




“Where/What will you continue to study?”

*Definitely within the Art’s Sake community for the first part of the year and then I may seek private coaching.

*At the Orlando Repertory Theatre while I perform shows there. Every show offers a fresh new look at my work; a chance to revise, refresh and retry the performance just enough to offer a better experience for the audience and my cast members.

*On a professional production set contributing my skills as an actor or simply absorbing the work of experts behind the camera.

*I will spend plenty of time in private study at a Library for use of various text and video

*Further study and insight into Sanford Meisner

*Learn how/if Ivanna Chubbuck was influenced by Meisner

*Look into Uda Hagen and her philosophy on Acting

“What are your goals before 2010 ends?”

*Fuse my current work as an actor, writer, filmmaker into my own website

*Get my website to go live in order to make a more signature presence online

“What are your goals for 2011?”

*THE BIG ONE : Get cast for at least one of the films or TV shows being produced in the Southeast region.

*Work a “Challenge Day” event with my good friend Holly in order to impact some High School lives

*Do Storytelling for the kids in the hospital and some of our senior citizens waiting for someone to visit

*Develop my online youtube channel with my original work being performed by some of Central Florida’s best actors

*Attend a writing workshop with some of the finest actors/writers in Central Florida

*Attend a major Film Festival and watch relevant work

*Write my first manuscript or my first full screenplay

*Write sketch comedy and other original material for class and actual performances

*Take a once thought impossible adventure out of state with a trusted friend.

If you missed the first post you can visit it here: RECAP Part 1

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