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Posted on December 27, 2010


A Post from June 2010

Consider The IDEAL:

A Family man grows by “Making Jesus Live”. Dads and husbands should aim for MaJeliv.


MaJeliv means letting your light shine. Sadly though not all men are created equal, some of us had great fathers to guide our own fatherhood, while others can only remember the day he walked away never to be seen again.

MaJeliv means going beyond what was taught or not taught and identifying the source of our light, our purpose as men, our purpose as Family men, leaders of a little world that ultimate effects the bigger world we live in.

For me: MaJeliv represents my wife and three kids and how they inspire me to better myself. They are the primary receivers of whatever inner light I can muster.  But try as I may to deny it at times, the source of my light is Christ and He takes all my faults and holds my glow steady just the same.

But what does that mean? Making Jesus Live?  Simply put:

“Take your gifts, your talents and serve others.”

But first you must be honest with yourself and then “let it go!”

Look to the Pond for Awareness:

As a young Dad, discovering my talents was my first battle and then deciding to admit their usefulness was another.  Like most men I tend to search for ways to justify my shortcomings. Honesty stings like a bee when I get close enough to the bible, to that perfectly still pond ready to reveal my self image. But if I want to truly live for my wife and kids that’s the first part; I must “take my gifts” as they are.

This requires a deep look into myself. A sincere stare that outlines both the ugly and the good things that make up who I am.  My sense of awareness grows once I can laugh at them, feel proud for my accomplishments,  and dread the failures with subtle tears. Honest awareness allows me to see who I am.  Here’s the tough part for me: Letting it go.  Maybe you are great at dusting yourself off after a fall and picking up stride again.  I admit I have gotten better, but I still linger and lingering slows the progress, it slows the ability to shine. So join me and “Let the bad stuff go!”

“Take Your gifts”

There is such a gift that allows me to forgive myself, to rise above the gray clouds to see the sun shining above the furious rains. The gift of John 3:16, “For God so loved the world that He gave his only begotten son, so that those who would believe in him would no perish but have eternal life.”

I’m not one to memorize scripture, but I know this one because it saves me every time I want to beat myself up for paying the bills late, for working too much, or not enough. For forgetting the simple things that make my wife smile and for letting the days go by without taking time to read with my kids.

3:16: A Study for Small Groups [316]I can forgive myself because I think of “3:16”.  I recently started reading the book, “3:16” by Max Lucado and it solidifies my dependence on these few lines of scripture. They are the foundation upon which I discover my practical gifts; the more tangible stuff that make life exciting. These other gifts make me a man that works, writes, worships in silence, creates art, mentors and teaches.  I get my hands in the mud to mold out a new statue, or the new planter for our seeds.

“Your Talents”

I struggled with this. Immediately I thought, can I sing? can i draw? paint? build? Act? Write? Talk? Ah What!?

The overall delay to the answer came when I doubted,

  “Have I done anything to prove to myself I can do these things?”

For the overly humble man like me, consider looking at it this way:

What have I overcome thus far and how did God equipped me to do it?

For the super confident man that feels they could face the world alone:

How can I use my abilities to help others see their abilities?

“Serve Others”

I know you know that people around us have needs, but they will seldom sincerely announce them. Take your family for instance. Your family is so busy that taking time to spell out your personal needs seems a little ridiculous. You know what’s not ridiculous? Discovering their needs.  Ask them questions, take them out to dinner, or cook and serve them dinner away from the TV and no cell phones allowed, that includes yours!

Taking time to identify the needs of your wife, “why is she feeling left out?” Considering the tears of your youngest child and where his lost toy could be, even looking into the cause for your teenager’s silence will bring peace to your heart as it searches. Selflessness brings peace and its contagious. Everyone in the household will feel safer to speak up on their issues. You must be ready to hear it ALL though. It may be difficult to deal with but if it brings you back to your knees, back to prayer, back to your journal or whatever you use to connect with God, then that means you have found serious reasons to depend on God. And God will slowly but surely reveal all that you posses to heal and uplift your family.  He will show you how to fulfill the purpose of your life.

My journal time, or “morning pages” as Julia Cameron calls them in The Artist Way, supported the consistent revelations from the bible that said: “give HOPE.”

The Artist's Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity [ARTISTS WAY 10/E -OS]

I know now that my call is to give what I’ve been given: a way to live with HOPE.

This is what I’ll give my children and to those that will listen, a genuine effort to learn how to live with:





That’s what its all about:

MaJeliv– A family man lives by serving others, by sharing HOPE, to find himself in Christ

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