“Inception”…at last.

Posted on December 28, 2010


A Post from August 3rd 2010:

My intention to watch “Inception” has been fulfilled. I certainly feel like one of the last people to experience Christopher Nolan‘s recent film since so much buzz bombarded me until the moment I settled into my seat at the Oviedo Marketplace Regal Cinemas.

NO SPOILERS HERE, just a young actor and filmmaker reflecting on one of the greats.

I prepared to watch this film; such is my respect for Mr. Nolan. �I avoided long conversations and postings where veteran dream travelers reacted to the experience Christopher Nolan set them on. Avoiding these spoilers was not so hard. It seems that friends and colleagues knew to ask, “have you seen it yet?” before breaking off into some long oral presentation as to why its the best film they’ve seen.

Still high from “The Dark Knight” I ventured into an unexpected place. While at a rehearsal for the short film “The Delivery” my colleagues comapred “Inception” to Nolan’s first film “Following.” I disgracefully admitted that I was not familiar with it, and silently vowed to do something about it.

ENTER Instant Netflix on my PS3! The same night of the rehearsal I went home to search for the “Following” and with much success I witnessed the genesis of Nolan’s work. If you’ve seen this film you will dare to agree that perhaps this was not his first film ever. Surely some poorly done piece exist somewhere. Some sort of “mistake” he learned from. Is it possible that Nolan wrote the “Following” and shot it without any prior error?

Well there’s “Doodlebug”. Yeah I know. I read some of the reviews on IMDB and it doesn’t sound too bad, but it does sound like it was his “building block”. So there, he is human! Obviously. Everyone, even Mr. “Inception” has a beginning. Its so encouraging to think that if I love something enough and work at it as I have started to do so with my writing, acting and film then my time will come when I can make something that will impact people on a grand scale.

And for those of you that have not and will not see “Inception” soon I am sure someday, somehow you will and when you do remember this: “this film has levels, and the story pulls you through them in such a way that when you wake you respect the power of an idea, in fact you treasure it much like the wonder of being able to breathe, to dream freely.”

Watch it, and come back and tell me about it.

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