My Final Night Without Wings

Posted on December 28, 2010


A Post from August 3rd:

This is a short poem dedicated to my wife. In a few hours we will celebrate her birthday, the day God gave me one of His own so that I remember to live love and laugh

here goes:

Cold shivers in the dark
running scared aimlessly
“who am I God, why does my back bleed?
how did I get here, someone help me!”

Silence from above and within suffocates
and the ground rises to torture me
Tangled in its thick substance
droplets of mud cover my eyes
Blindness terrifies me.

A child breaks free
The little girl giggles in the dark
and light slices through the mud
Terror loses its grip on me
and her light smiles through the muck…

She grabs my wrist and pulls me up
her humble strength lifts and tugs
the muck ripping losing its grip on my limbs
The ground persists…
it Fails

She wins
But her wings are gone
A glance at the ground
reveals its boastful grip
It tears her white feathers of divinity

Momentum glides us through and above
I close my eyes and yell to the winds
Creation listens as it whistles past
my desperate prayer echoes…

Trembles to my back
His breath mold the blood on my back
Feathers tear my flesh
Our glide now flight as
the saved saves his beloved

Hands united out of the dark
the light blinds as we rise and rise again
the muck below moans in agony
Defeated into an annoying hum

Hands united into the Light
she giggles her embrace
her smile overwhelms
fear and doubt bow out
Fall to the hum of nothingness

I am something, a glow
her radiance empowered me
amongst the clouds
a gentle sun shower
soothes her battered soul

Battered she made it
my final night without wings!
“breathe again just above her wounds
and may divinity spawn her into flight once more”

This I seek this I ask:
may it be granted in flight

I soar until we soar
I”ll land when we land
only to dance
Only to admire each other’s wings.

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