The Intention of “Inception”

Posted on December 28, 2010


A Post from July 22 2010:

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Reading Variety’s review on Christopher Nolan‘s new film “Inception” the call is evident: Be there! Variety’s reviews consistently carry a sophisticated tone that clearly state: good luck conjuring up words of affirmation from us! Not because it’s the Nolan of “The Dark Knight” but simply because from his debut, in “Memento“, Nolan has proved he will tell stories that dare his audience to breathe along with his tale. He pulls you in and captivates every second of the journey.

The longing to see this film has intensified now that the headlines and word of mouth have taken on its momentum. Inception is not only dominating at the box ofice but it is also following me around as I build my resume.

While at a callback for “Anne Frank and Me” at the Orlando RepertoryTheatre, a fellow actor kept looking at his watch. His “Inception” experience was only 30 minutes away and his callback was still in motion. His concern drew me in and I dared to ask, “you alright man?” “Yeah, I just have to be out of here in time to finally catch ‘Inception'”

This morning I ran into a video on showing Michael Keaton talking briefly about Nolan’s work and of course that triggered my urge to go see “Inception” right now. Here’s the video just in case you haven’t see it.

The logistics involved in my organizing a trip to watch a movie like “Inception” is rather complicated and induces annoying levels of stress. For now I depend on the many people who have already encountered it. In fact, there is something strangely rewarding about witnessing the impact of a film before watching it. The challenge is to not be skewed into developing expectations.

I must say though, that Christopher Nolan’s previous work conjures up more expectation than anything. Can he make a bad movie? Some will say he already has. Some are waiting for him to fall short. I for one will continue to expect amazing work. As long as his approach remains authentic to the basic elements of a soild story through a character driven plot, we should be in good hands.

I shall return once my intention of “Inception” becomes the aftermath of “Inception”. ‘Til Next time read on my fellow artists…

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