About the Lounge

This is the place where it all comes together for this Actor.

It’s a spot where I can discuss all the topics that matter most to me: Acting, Film and Life.

And where you, The Guest, are welcomed to join in on the conversation anytime.

The ideal is to appeal first to the artists that share a passion for the entertainment industry and the personal trials and revelations we encounter along the way.

Ultimately though I hope to give all my guests, a glimpse at how the adventures in the world of entertainment affect me, as an Actor, a writer, and a filmmaker.

This place gives me a chance to reflect the full effect my career has on my family life and my relationship with society in general.

Hope you feel at home. May this place do for you what it does for me…

“I may be on the Actor’s Film Lounge stage, but no worries, I can pass the mic around, what’s on your mind?”


3 Responses “About the Lounge” →

  1. Kristina

    July 5, 2010

    Hi Jose, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment on my blog. I know a few filmmakers & actors and will forward your URL to them, as it looks like you have some good stuff here!


  2. Chris - Merchant of New York City

    January 19, 2011

    Don’t give up! I saw your entry on Jon Ochs’ Blog. I gained a lot of insight from the arts when studying business. You have my email in the comments. Continue to learn with Jon, but feel free to hit me up for any help with his material and to network.

    Also, check out Smartist Blog. It’s the only site I know of that caters to the art crowd. Might not be film-centric but maybe you can vibe with the artist POV. Went to this site to check out info for a sketch artist I know and visit from time to time.


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