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The Intention of “Inception”

December 28, 2010


A Post from July 22 2010:  Image via Wikipedia Reading Variety’s review on Christopher Nolan‘s new film “Inception” the call is evident: Be there! Variety’s reviews consistently carry a sophisticated tone that clearly state: good luck conjuring up words of affirmation from us! Not because it’s the Nolan of “The Dark Knight” but simply […]

“Inception”…at last.

December 28, 2010


A Post from August 3rd 2010: My intention to watch “Inception” has been fulfilled. I certainly feel like one of the last people to experience Christopher Nolan‘s recent film since so much buzz bombarded me until the moment I settled into my seat at the Oviedo Marketplace Regal Cinemas. NO SPOILERS HERE, just a young actor and […]

A Night in Persia

June 9, 2010


Last Friday the Vasquez Family took a journey to Persia, but the night started with a bit of hesitation. Walt Disney's Prince of Persia kicked off a great weekend and now I share it with you all.

“How was Alice in Wonderland?”

March 16, 2010


It kinda just happened. It's amazing what finally happens when I don't lose time planning everything out. Visit with me as I recall our experience with "Alice in Wonderland". I probably should warn you that there are some spoilers, but if you don't mind knowing that the caterpillar dies then...ooops. Sorry!

Gran Torino Better than Avatar!

March 3, 2010


A Closer look at Clint Eastwood's win over Avatar. Then there is this blog post from Back Stage that proves all time grossing film means you can do a decent reenactment of that film...goodness what a riot! Mr. Eastwood, we're working on yours...but what makes you laugh? Yeesh.


March 1, 2010


It may not be the Kodak Theater or the Oscars, but I definitely think you'll enjoy the "Chill" mood. There's so much to share at the Actor's Film Lounge. In fact so much that I am building three different Rooms for you all to mingle in, so that I don't lose my mind trying to coordinate the pontential conversations floating in my head. I hope you'll accept your invitation and join me as the walls go up on around this Lounge of ours and we can have fun and grow together. I'll meet you at the Round table.