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“Inception”…at last.

December 28, 2010


A Post from August 3rd 2010: My intention to watch “Inception” has been fulfilled. I certainly feel like one of the last people to experience Christopher Nolan‘s recent film since so much buzz bombarded me until the moment I settled into my seat at the Oviedo Marketplace Regal Cinemas. NO SPOILERS HERE, just a young actor and […]

4th of July is Moving Time

December 27, 2010


A Post from July 9th 2010: A Brief 4th of July The boxes are all stacked and the fireworks still echo from Sunday night. �Our mission to move continues this week after celebrating our Independence day. The Vasquez Family spent all of our 4th of July packing and planning for a move across town to […]

“Rise and Rise Again”

December 27, 2010


A Post from July 5 2010: If I am “Robin Hood” then she’s my “Marion Loxley” Long ago, before my dreams of acting and working in film, an Angel returned from her trip to Europe with a little gift. She brought with her a miniature sword, a souvenir of sorts that fit in my pocket. It was […]

“How was Alice in Wonderland?”

March 16, 2010


It kinda just happened. It's amazing what finally happens when I don't lose time planning everything out. Visit with me as I recall our experience with "Alice in Wonderland". I probably should warn you that there are some spoilers, but if you don't mind knowing that the caterpillar dies then...ooops. Sorry!