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“Rise and Rise Again”

December 27, 2010


A Post from July 5 2010: If I am “Robin Hood” then she’s my “Marion Loxley” Long ago, before my dreams of acting and working in film, an Angel returned from her trip to Europe with a little gift. She brought with her a miniature sword, a souvenir of sorts that fit in my pocket. It was […]

Recap on Acting in 2010

December 1, 2010


An Actor’s Bizarre daydream: While there’s still thirty days until the end of 2010 I woke up to this epic “Back to the Future” scenario: -FADE IN The wind rushes by, lighting strikes all around the clock tower. I rush to the trash can and reach for the newspaper. My eyes stumble upon the date and the John […]

Now that some writing got done I am off …

June 9, 2010


Now that some writing got done I am off to have a late lunch, prep dinner and play some basketball with my boy. Then I am off to the chiropractor…and ready for another fun night with the family at home while we watch Avatar the last Airbender…we’re on book two. Hopefully we can be ready […]

Why am I an Actor?

April 6, 2010


"I am an Actor." Saying that feels good. Even though, given my circumstance some people might say I'm crazy. In this post I attempt to at least begin to answer this quesiton. Maybe you've asked yourself this question concerning your vocation/career, "Why am I..."; maybe its time you do...

What Happened to Corey Haim and Brittany Murphy?

March 12, 2010


Death strikes again in Hollywood and even though it happened yesterday. I am still reflecting on it. Come in and join me in contemplating on "what's going on?" "Who or what is killing us?" "What can we do?" and "How do we take care of our everyday pain."


March 1, 2010


It may not be the Kodak Theater or the Oscars, but I definitely think you'll enjoy the "Chill" mood. There's so much to share at the Actor's Film Lounge. In fact so much that I am building three different Rooms for you all to mingle in, so that I don't lose my mind trying to coordinate the pontential conversations floating in my head. I hope you'll accept your invitation and join me as the walls go up on around this Lounge of ours and we can have fun and grow together. I'll meet you at the Round table.