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The Intention of “Inception”

December 28, 2010


A Post from July 22 2010:  Image via Wikipedia Reading Variety’s review on Christopher Nolan‘s new film “Inception” the call is evident: Be there! Variety’s reviews consistently carry a sophisticated tone that clearly state: good luck conjuring up words of affirmation from us! Not because it’s the Nolan of “The Dark Knight” but simply […]

“Rise and Rise Again”

December 27, 2010


A Post from July 5 2010: If I am “Robin Hood” then she’s my “Marion Loxley” Long ago, before my dreams of acting and working in film, an Angel returned from her trip to Europe with a little gift. She brought with her a miniature sword, a souvenir of sorts that fit in my pocket. It was […]

Now that some writing got done I am off …

June 9, 2010


Now that some writing got done I am off to have a late lunch, prep dinner and play some basketball with my boy. Then I am off to the chiropractor…and ready for another fun night with the family at home while we watch Avatar the last Airbender…we’re on book two. Hopefully we can be ready […]

A Night in Persia

June 9, 2010


Last Friday the Vasquez Family took a journey to Persia, but the night started with a bit of hesitation. Walt Disney's Prince of Persia kicked off a great weekend and now I share it with you all.

Why am I an Actor?

April 6, 2010


"I am an Actor." Saying that feels good. Even though, given my circumstance some people might say I'm crazy. In this post I attempt to at least begin to answer this quesiton. Maybe you've asked yourself this question concerning your vocation/career, "Why am I..."; maybe its time you do...

“How was Alice in Wonderland?”

March 16, 2010


It kinda just happened. It's amazing what finally happens when I don't lose time planning everything out. Visit with me as I recall our experience with "Alice in Wonderland". I probably should warn you that there are some spoilers, but if you don't mind knowing that the caterpillar dies then...ooops. Sorry!

Gran Torino Better than Avatar!

March 3, 2010


A Closer look at Clint Eastwood's win over Avatar. Then there is this blog post from Back Stage that proves all time grossing film means you can do a decent reenactment of that film...goodness what a riot! Mr. Eastwood, we're working on yours...but what makes you laugh? Yeesh.